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Henrik von Scheel

Best known as the originator of the “4th Industrial Revolution” (Industry 4.0) and the mastermind of the European Digital Revolution (German Digital Agenda), which ignited the global themes of today, Henrik von Scheel is the inaugurator of Germany’s digital strategy agenda in 2009, igniting a global wave of national and corporate digital strategy adoptions.

Ross Dawson

Ross Dawson is globally recognised as a leading futurist, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and authority on business strategy. He is the Founding Chairman of the Advanced Human Technologies group of companies, including futures consultancy Future Exploration Network.


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What is the Distinguished Leadership and Innovation Conference (DLIC)?

The Distinguished Leadership and Innovation Conference (DLIC) is the premier leadership event in the Caribbean, presented by the Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business with the aim of strengthening the region’s capacity in the areas of leadership and innovation. Second to none, the event solicits between 400 – 600 leaders and captains of industry, throughout the region from both public and private sectors, NGOs and Academia. 

In its 18th year, this annual event is known for inspiring thought-provoking concepts while creating an interactive environment for Caribbean and Latin American Leaders to discuss the challenges, and potential solutions, for the region. Over the years, DLIC has adhered to its commitment to sharing proven success theories, inspiring innovative leadership, and creating a path for the development of our leaders by providing a platform for great thinkers to impart valuable knowledge. Renowned gurus, such as Ram Charan, John Kotter, Professor Michael Porter, Malcolm Gladwell, Marcus Buckingham, Daniel Pink, Tom Peters, Peter Senge, Donald Sull, Jim Collins, Sir Ken Robinson, Professor Pankaj Ghemawa and Professor Luke Williams have graced the DLIC stage in the past.

About DLIC 2021 – Industry 4.0

In 2021, we are focusing on Industry 4.0 (4IR), given the growing trend towards combining smart technology with industrial platforms and practices to achieve faster, more flexible and more efficient processes to produce higher quality goods and reduced costs.  The industry 4.0 concept represents a new milestone in industrial development, aiming at the digitalisation of production processes, increasing efficiency and quality standards. This new paradigm, 4IR, marries advanced production and operations techniques with smart digital technologies to create a digital enterprise that will not only be interconnected and autonomous, but can communicate, analyse, and use data to drive further intelligent decisions and actions. 

DLIC 2021 will feature two (2) leading experts in the 4th Industrial Revolution and digitalisation of business processes. 

Leading authority on strategy and competiveness and the founding father of Industry 4.0, Henrik von Scheel will take our participant beyond the hype of the 4th Industrial Revolution and presents strategies to transform your business.

Globally recognised futurist, best-selling author and leading authority on business strategy Ross Dawson will highlight how online technologies can build more efficient organisations, how these technological shifts can create business opportunities and guide attendees on taking the right steps to ensure your business’ success in the future.

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Over the past 17 years, some of the most celebrated experts in business leadership and innovation have provided invaluable contributions to DLIC attendees. We have been pleased to feature keynote speakers such as Jason Jennings, John Kotter, Gary Hamel, Prof. Vijay Govindarajan, Amar Bhide, Prof. Michael E. Porter, Malcolm Gladwell, Marcus Buckingham, Daniel Pink, Tom Peters, Peter Senge, Prof. Donald Sull, Felipe Calderon, Jim Collins, Sir Ken Robinson, Prof.Pankaj Ghemawat and Prof. Luke Williams. In keeping with the spirit of our legacy, we will continue to challenge our creative potential, and bring to the DLIC stage the most influential leadership and business gurus, providing global business experiences and best practice, as we continue to create extraordinary innovative leaders who positively reshape the local and regional business landscape and society.

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DLIC attendees not only benefit from a speaker that delivers an enjoyable presentation but also one that offers toolkits and methodologies that can be easily actioned and implemented in their individual organisations. Our world-renowned keynote speakers will challenge you to apply the knowledge and tools you are exposed to throughout the conference and encourage riveting discussion and potential solutions to the current challenges faced in local and regional businesses.

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