Henrik von Scheel

Best known as the originator of the “4th Industrial Revolution” and the mastermind of the European Digital Revolution (German Digital Agenda), which ignited the global themes of today.

Digital Agenda

As part of the Advisory Council at the Federal Minister of Economy & Technology, Henrik von Scheel played a significant role to define Germany future digital strategy in 2009. The “Digital Agenda” was adopted by the European Commission in 2010 as part of the Europe 2020 and evolved into the European Digital Revolution. “Digital Agenda” is one of Europe’s seven flagship – responsible for 5% of GDP, with a market value of €660 billion annually.

Fourth Industrial Revolution

As one of the masterminds and driving force behind this Industry 4.0, Henrik von Scheel was an Advisory Group member for the Federal Ministry Education & Research – interministerial innovation policy initiatives tasked to define the high-tech strategy of Germany. The final “Industry 4.0” report was announced April 2013
Named by Financial Times as one of the leading authority on strategy and competitiveness. One of the most influential board members and quoted by Eric Schmidt as “One of the most preeminent strategic advisors of his generation”. His work is applied to national economies, triggered global themes, influenced GDP growth, reset policies in governments, and shaped the performance of the fastest growing fortune 100 companies. Firms and nations that has he has worked with include 23% of the Fortune 500 and 11 of the G20, such as
A sought-after speaker and prolific writer, that has organizations today.

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